• Steam it away

    and protect tour investment
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

  • 1. Clear the furniture from the area. (If Applicable)
  • 2. Prepare your pets for a cleaning professionals and new equipment.
  • 3. We will vacuum the area and pretreat for stain removal.
  • 4. Steam cleaning your carpet will provide the best results.

Smoke, cooking oil, bacteria, and dust mites all collect in your carpets damaging the fibers, and some shampoos and detergents might cause further damage. Only deep, professional carpet cleaning can preserve the life and beauty of your investment.

Micwalis can get rid of messy food spills, dirt, and allergens that may be lurking below the surface of your carpet. Giving your carpet a custom treatment that’s designed specifically for your carpet’s make and condition, we’ll revive your carpet with the most powerful deep steam and dirt extraction possible.

Micwalis gives you the option to take advantage of carpet deodorizers, carpet repair and protective coating that will keep your carpet stain-free for longer.

  • dirt
  • food spills
  • allergens
  • bacteria

Carpet Cleaning

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